Silly Girl

there was a silly girl

who didn't see
the mistake she made
by trusting me

she gave her heart
she gave her all
and I tripped her up
just to watch her fall

I felt big by
making her small
used sarcasm and anger
kept her back to the wall

I didn't listen
I didn't see
that she stopped loving
wanted only to be free

now I’m sorry
but it comes too late
for too long I sowed meanness
and now I reap her hate

©️2023 jai

Image by Brigitte Werner from Pixabay

Barbed Wire Heart

wrapped tightly

in rusty barbed wire
the caged heart beats
listless and erratic
an out-of-time clock…

cruel thorns stab
draws tainted blood
that drips poisonous and black
down constricted ribs
forged by shame and blame…

©️2023 jai

Image by Birgit Röhrs from Pixabay


she’s not good enough
someone told her so
dripped poison in her ear
a long time ago

the mirror confirms
shows dull frizzy hair
a nose too long
ugly body when bare

the paper confirms
when she scrawls with pen
mediocre writing
no contest it’d win

the past confirms
no good deeds done
no sacrifices made
no battles won

the present confirms
a dull empty life
no one’s darling
no one’s wife

the future confirms
what she already knows
nothing will change
down that long dark road 

©2023 jai

Image by Mandy Fontana from Pixabay