Little Girls and Old Women

told to honor and obey
little girls can’t find their way
lips zipped against food and speech 
gotta stay skinny, gotta stay meek

or true love won’t come their way
submerging self, the price they pay
striving to be who he wants her to be
she loses her and becomes his she

put Prince Charming on lofty pedestal 
feed the ego of immature male
make him feel like a mighty king
no matter the fact you’ll never be queen

for him, queens are the porn-star pack
perfect dolls all waxed, maxed, and stacked
always ready, willing, and able
not real women...just juvenile fables

poor little girls become old women
before realizing there is no winning
for the enlightened, this epiphany brings joy
no more worries about pleasing a boy

just march to the beat of your own ditzy drummer
pick white daisies in your own field of summer
dance in the rain while the devil beats his wife
and always carry a big suspicious knife

©️2023 jai

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

20 thoughts on “Little Girls and Old Women

  1. Way more truth in this than should be. I was primarily brought up by my mother in our broken home, so (bless her heart) she taught me that all women want is to be loved and cared for, which turned out not to be exactly scientifically accurate. However, having seen my mother abused, I couldn’t buy into the male-masculinity bullshit model either. Two albums you might enjoy are Tori Amos’ Little Earthquakes ( and Heather Nova’s Oyster ( Both, are incredible works of art. With Tori, try “Girl” and “Precious Things”. With Heather, try “Heal” and “Island”. Another beautiful poem, no surprise here. 🖤

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    • I listened to all three songs you mentioned, and all are good, but “Island” wowed me—mostly, the lyrics, of course. I’ll listen to the entirety of both albums as time permits. Thank you for the recommendations. 🖤

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  2. Yes, I meant toxic-masculinity, or brutality for the sake of insecurity, which I witnessed first-hand for years. Something i still have to work on is not taking life too seriously and having more fun. My blog doesn’t emphasize that much I guess, lol. Glad you enjoyed “Island”. 😊🖤

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  3. It’s a reality that we would love to wish away but not possible to. We just pray that our women find the strength to endure or walk away. 🙏🤍

    (or the courage to use a butcher knife😉)

    Deep and heartfelt as always, jai🤍

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