Be My Valentine

don’t give me a blushing red heart
hand over your black soul instead
one I can bind with my wicked thoughts
and chain to my immoral bed

a soul that will lick my red-tipped toes
and tell me the taste is sweet
and using a warm, scented oil
caress my slender feet

a soul that will humbly bow to my will
freely offer a neck for a studded collar
clip on the leash with nervous fingers
as I lead, on hands and knees follow

a soul that will dare not question
while tied on their back to my bed
anything I may wish to do
with a needle and stout thread

I crave a soul as dark as mine
to get me through the night
no valentine for me, my love
give me your pleasure, pain and life

©2023 jai

Image via Pinterest

22 thoughts on “Be My Valentine

  1. There you go coloring outside the lines again, jai. 😈 I submit this may require someone slavishly dedicated to at least one perversion I am unacquainted with. Though, definitely, a most black-hearted, if masterful portrayal of servitude-desired, safeword: ruff. 💀🖤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Occasionally, I write poems that aren’t dark, but not too often. Don’t know why…I guess my mind just bends that way.
      I enjoy your site as well. I especially like hearing you recite your work.


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