14 thoughts on “Bzzzzz…

  1. Reminds me of my childhood. I’m allergic to bees and yet inconceivably liked catching them under mason jars. Perhaps an attempt to bolster my own impotence, or teach them helplessness to my strength… or to steal their power? As in many things, the line is grey and wavers. Only now do I recognize and appreciate their simple natural beauty. Gorgeous art and lovely poem, jai.

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    • Thank you, Rann. 🖤
      You were crazy….catching bees when you’re allergic to them. 🙄 But I bet you would have made an interesting playmate, no dull moments there. I grew up on a ranch/farm in the South, ran wild and barefoot in the woods with my brother and sister. We happened upon snakes on a regular basis.

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    • I understand…I often use the “like” as an acknowledgment as well. And I believe the music you share is your art, speaking also to all (way too many) us damaged souls as well. Damaged seeks out damaged. 🖤+🖤

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